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Lanciamo un appello  alla solidarietà internazionale a sostenere la lotta, che dura da 32 anni, di Narmada Bachao Andolan,contro la decisione autoritaria del Primo ministro indiano di chiudere la diga del lago Sardar Sarovar, un progetto che distrugge l’ambiente e viola i diritti umani, senza garantire la ricollocazionedi 200.000 persone che vivono nelle aree che saranno sommerse.

Firma subito il messaggio di protesta cliccando qui!

Protesta pacificamente davanti ai consolati e alle ambasciate dell'India!

PERCHÉ  ancora oggi, circa 40.000 famiglie vivono nella zona a rischio inondazione  della diga di Sardar Sarovar: a migliaia di agricoltori e abitanti delle tribù non viene riconosciuto il diritto legittimo  ad avere accesso alla reintegrazione in termini di terreni coltivabili; senza quest'ultima, migliaia di lavoratori senza terra, pescatori, ceramisti, piccoli commercianti,  sono privati dei loro mezzi di sostentamento e villaggi  fiorenti e popolati sono sommersi.

Save the Narmada, raise your voice!    

Farmers,  adivasis,  workers,  cattle grazers, fishermen, boatsmen…
Call for freedom from debt, and fair price for agricultural and natural produce

Topple the mighty, the chance is ripe!

Reach Khalghat on the evening of 29th May...30th May, Pithampur...31st May, at NCA office, Indore. Move through Vijaynagar and Dewas...1st June, Sihore. March on foot from Sihore starts 2nd June, till Bhopal…On 4th June,rally to Neelam Park, Bhopal for the Public Meet from 9am to 11am and the People's Tribunal. 

Retired Judges presiding...their verdict is the roar of justice!

Press Release | Narmada Bachao Andolan | August 23, 2017

Indore High Court granted bail to Medha Patkar on 15th Day of arrest.
Hearing on bail plea of Vijay, Santu and Dhurji will take place tomorrow.
Village Bajrikheda joins en mass resignation drive from BJP’s membership.

UPDATE : @medhanarmada has just been lifted from the Dharna site on 12th day of her fast

The canes used on people by police to disperse them at the fasting site

Along with her five other fasting protesters have also been arrested, remaining 6 continue their fast. Nearly 2000 police force was mobilised who came down heavily on the peaceful ongoing meeting. They used force to break the pandals and when women tries resisting the arrest of Medha ji they were beaten and manhandled by male policemen. Several have suffered injury. They broke the stage, the pandal, chairs and rope fencing etc. It is shameful that in 12 days they never felt it good enough to dialogue with the people but used force to finally arrest her.

There have been series of incidents of state repression in the Narmada Valley, over the past month, especially the forcible ‘hospitalization’ and illegal detention of Medha Patkar and other oustees on 7th August, following a massive police action at the Chikalda Satyagraha and subsequent arbitrary jailing of Medha by foisting baseless charges, including that of ‘abduction’. The brutal lathicharge on hundreds of oustees at Chikalda left about 45 persons injured including a 15 year old girl.